Music Industry Collaborative (MIC)

The Music Industry Collaborative (MIC) is an applicant-based mentoring program designed for active entrepreneurs with existing music-related businesses. The mentoring program will fast track resources that busy music entrepreneurs most urgently need: meaningful dialog with real-life entrepreneur mentors in a structured small group setting that also encourages peer-to-peer assistance. MIC offers focused workshops on core topics that are essential for the music business entrepreneur to leverage strengths and overcome challenges and gain valuable resources. 

Commencing 2016, the MIC program will continue to feature valuable feedback from our faculty of mentors as well as peer-to-peer discussion with the class, but our new partners in the MIC program will bring an added level of personal experiences shared by these successful entrepreneurs who have started and sold businesses and now run a venture capital firm. Our partners will focus on important aspects of growing your business, raising capital and other core concepts for the business entrepreneur and will present a $10,000 award to a participant they believe best embodies the principles of the MIC program and a $3,000 award to the runner up. Individual investment opportunities with these partners may be available for MIC program participants.

The application period for the 2016 MIC program begins May 28, 2016 and closes August 1, 2016. The 2015 MIC program will run from August 2016-January 2017. To submit your application for the Music Industry Collaborative Program 2016-2017 class please complete the application below and submit it to

“The MIC Program gave me a chance to stop and reflect on my business, which I found valuable.  The sessions were great and provided excellent networking opportunities as well as advice.  AMF helped me reflect on the progress I was making with my business by hearing from others who have overcome similar obstacles and made it out alive!  The sessions pulled me out of the weeds and helped me look at the big picture.” – Kevin Tully, Moniker Guitars

“I made a lot of connections with venues and many are using my software.  The MIC Session was a catalyst for connecting me to the entire music community.” – Matt Ford, Solstice Live

“The MIC Program not only introduced me to great ideas for myself and my business, but also helped me forge important connections with emerging and existing leaders in the Austin music industry.” – Carter Delloro, Overload

“Speakers and mentors were excellent and connections made have been huge.  Wonderful resource and knowledge base.” – James Taylor, Holy Mountain

“The MIC Program helped me build relationships with mentors and mentees.  It built up my confidence around the business and makes me feel like I’m part of a community.” -Rakefet Avramovitz, Rattletree Marimba

“The MIC Program was a huge contributing factor of getting my band involved with FFF Fest.  The environment the program provided allowed for a very natural introduction and arena to pitch ideas to VIP in the industry.” – Brett Rivera, Immortal Guardian



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  1. Would love the opportunity to be mentored!! Sounds like a great program!!

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