AMF’s Artist of the Month series is a way for us to celebrate the enormous wealth of talent in our city by shining a spotlight on a different and deserving musician each month. The Austin Music Foundation determines who the featured Artist of the Month will be based on the guidelines below. At the end of the year, the Austin community will be able to vote on their favorite AOTM from the entire year. No phone or E-Mail requests will be taken.

  1. The artist/band has worked or is currently working with AMF at the Creative Media Center.
  2. The artist/band is actively booking shows, recording, touring and/or actively promoting themselves.
  3. The artist/band has a new album or similar big project to push so they can fully benefit from the AMF platform as a promotional tool for their endeavors.
  4. The artist/band supports and participates in AMF events/panels when possible.
  5. Once selected, the AOTM is not eligible for the award for a full calendar year.



As an additional benefit, the Artist of the Month will be featured in the AMF newsletter (distributed to over 4,000 subscribers), and will also be featured across AMF’s social media outlets. Finally, they will get a spot on the AMF homepage for the entirety of the month and receive their own plaque of recognition.

*AMF will help promote large shows in and around Austin for any and all AMF Artists of the Month with two weeks advance notice*

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  1. I love you AMF!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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